Much like Jeep, HUMMER was a truck and SUV brand with military roots that permeated throughout the line of production vehicles. It all started when AM General began marketing a civilian version of the HUMVEE military vehicle under the HUMMER brand. The rights to the brand were sold to GM in the late 90s and GM made an attempt at fleshing out a fuller line of trucks and SUVs with the powerful HUMMER name. The results were the H2 which shared a platform with other full-size GM SUVs like the Chevy Suburban but was much brasher in its appearance, was more upmarket and had a few mechanical tweaks to set it apart. The compact H3 was more of an off-roader having a smaller size and still bearing distinct HUMMER look. There were both pickup and SUV variants of the H2 and H3, but they just weren’t selling very well at a time when big SUVs weren’t very popular. For better or worse, HUMMER models are shining examples of American excess.

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2010 HUMMER Cars
2010 H3
13 - 14 MPG City / 16 - 18 MPG Hwy
$33,390 - $41,705
2010 H3T
13 - 14 MPG City / 16 - 18 MPG Hwy
$30,915 - $39,205
2009 HUMMER Cars
2009 H3
13 - 14 MPG City / 16 - 18 MPG Hwy
$33,390 - $43,130
2009 H3T
13 - 14 MPG City / 16 - 18 MPG Hwy
$30,750 - $36,015
2008 HUMMER Cars
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